Professional Development

WiringKids offers both on-site and online workshops.

We work with...



Early Childhood Educators

Child Health Nurses

Social Workers


Our aim is to support you in the important work you do by building on your existing knowledge; observations, coaching and on-site visits; and facilitating professional development workshops based on the latest research to suit your unique needs.

Workshops and coaching packages can be scheduled for after hours and weekends.   


Current Workshops:        


On-site training cost is $400 for a maximum of 12 staff to attend.  
Additional staff will be charged at $20 per staff, to a maximum of 14 staff.

For 15 to 25 staff to attend the cost is $580. No GST is charged.

If the distance travelled exceeds 50 km (round trip) additional charges apply.

Invoices are provided on request.

We are happy to discuss developing customised workshops. 

Costs will be determined once we have established your unique requirements.