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Parenting Consultations

We are just a phone, email or skype call away and if you prefer we can

come to your home.


We understand that you as parents are busy and might prefer a one on one consultation during a time that suits you. We offer a range of services to meet your requirements: virtual or in person one off consultations and packages.  

Click here to request a service. 

Some of the reasons that families consult us include:

  • Sleep issues for babies, toddlers and older children

  • Toddler behaviour

  • Bed wetting

  • Toddler development tracking and/or concerns

  • Toilet training

  • Problems with breastfeeding

  • School adjustment

  • Pregnancy and preparation for a new baby

  • Adolescent behaviour

  • Anxious children

  • Communication challenges in the family


Simply click here to contact us via mobile or email.

We will typically contact you within a few hours during normal office hours.

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