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We understand that you as parents are busy and might prefer a one on one consultation during a time that suits you. We offer a range of services to meet your requirements: virtual or in person one off consultations and packages.  

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Some of the reasons that families consult us include:

  • Lactation Consultations
    Are you a new parent who is finding breastfeeding overwhelming, or are you and your partner wondering how you are going to manage breastfeeding when you return to work? Alternatively are you pregnant again but want different outcomes with your breastfeeding with your next baby? If so Julie, who has been a Lactation Consultant since 1987, can help you achieve your goals 

  • Sleep Consultations for Babies
    Baby not sleeping? We know parents can quickly loose confidence in their parenting abilities when they are sleep deprived. WiringKids can help you with gentle, respectful and practical sleep and settling strategies that you can use in your home.  We do not do controlled crying.

  • Sleep Consultations for Toddlers
    Toddlers are developing their independence and this often coincides with changes to their sleep patterns e.g. moving from two daytime sleeps a day to one daytime sleep a day or not wanting any daytime sleeps; using delaying sleep tactics; night waking; starting to have nightmares or moving from a cot to a bed. Julie and Wendy  can help you with age appropriate, respectful and practical sleep and settling strategies that you can use in your home.  

  • Toddler Development Consultations
    We know from our own experience in working with parents and professionals that the toddler years can be frustrating and overwhelming for all concerned. Wendy and Julie at WiringKids, with their in- depth knowledge of brain and child development, will  provide you with knowledge and skills with regard to understanding your child's emotions, how to handle tears and tantrums, setting limits for behaviour and encouraging positive behaviours, separation awareness (anxiety), preparing the family for transitions e.g. starting at an Early Learning Centre, moving house or the birth of a new sibling.

  • Successful Toileting with children up to the age of 5
    For some families  teaching their child the new skill of successfully having control over their bladder and bowel movements can be stressful; other families have achieved successful toileting only to have a set back and go back to nappies again; or their child will only poo in nappies. There are many things that impact on successfully accomplishing toilet training and the WiringKids team will work with you to achieve this milestone by providing you with the knowledge and confidence to achieve this milestone. 

  • Preschool years
    For some families the preschool years are filled with many ups and downs as their child tries to assert their independence more and is driven to learn more about the world around them. Learning to play co-operatively with others is a big step and developing the skill of self regulation is an important one - at this age they may start to know what behaviour is acceptable in which situations e.g. inside voice and start to have empathy. Julie and Wendy will provide you to practical tips and strategies that are age appropriate and suitable for your unique families on a range of issues impacting in the preschool years.


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