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Educational Parenting Workshops

Covering babies, children & youth aged 0 - 18 years

WiringKids work with families to meet their unique needs by offering research-based workshops. 
Our aim is to support you in raising happy and resilient children, and adding to your parenting-skills toolbox.

We facilitate workshops in an interactive manner, through group discussion and active participation.
Our workshops include practical strategies and tips that can be used in everyday parenting life.  
We understand the busy life of a parent, therefore, our workshops run for 90 minutes. 

Click on the workshops below to explore!

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If we don't have the workshop you want to attend scheduled, you can book a one-on-one consultation with us:

We currently are offering a discount on our online parenting consultations:

One-off Email Consultation


One-off Skype/Mobile/Zoom Consultation

Skype/Mobile/Zoom Package



Tickets are $35 per individual if purchased directly from our website 
(or $38.02 if purchased via Eventbrite).

Click here to see if a workshop has been scheduled.

*Payment must be made prior to workshop date to secure your place as we can only accommodate 14 people at any one time.*

If the workshop you are interested in has not been scheduled or if you are interested in hosting a workshop at your Early Childhood Center, School or rural/remote location, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss when we can schedule one. Costs available on request.

With 35 years + experience, WiringKids are able to develop and customise new workshops on request.

Please contact us to discuss.

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