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Consultation Package
Home Visit

If you are unable to visit family in WA due to COVID-19, gift your family an in-home service

In the comfort of your own home, the WiringKids team can observe your child and demonstrate practical strategies that your family can use.

What happens during a home visit?

  • 2 x 2 hour home visits, 1 - 2 weeks apart, depending on the issue of concern;  

  • One of the 2 hour visits can occur outside of normal office hours, to accommodate working parents;

  • During the first visit we get to know your child and family and take a comprehensive history from pregnancy through to the current age of your child;

  • Together we will develop an action plan, taking your unique family circumstances into account;

  • We will provide you with information about any other relevant community and online resources you may find helpful;

  • A 10 minute follow up telephone call in between the visits to provide additional support and modify your family's action plan if required; and

  • A further 10 minute follow up telephone call after the last home visit to assess progress and further modify the action plan if required. 


The cost is $600 for the home visit package
- additional charges apply if distance exceeds 50 km (round trip).

Simply click here to contact us via mobile or email, or click here to request a service.

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